Though the female body is often depicted for its beauty, my interest is in a physical manifestation of the female mind.  Through paintings, prints, sculpture, and video, I want to create a space where women are free from the gaze of society. I want to show them doing things that are not typically considered feminine or rational or responsible. By incorporating found or created objects, making the figures life size, and cutting them free from their paper environment, I am allowing the women I depict to exist in our world: they stand on the same floor that we do, but in another dimension. In our everyday lives we are plagued by irrational impulses which would remind us we are alive—such as the desire to jump into a fountain of water with all of our clothes on or to throw our lunches at a wall to see what it looks like. The women in these paintings are all following through with those impulses in an alternate reality imagined exclusively for the purpose of consummating their irrational behavior. I am interested in showing real women in a primal state. They have no clothes on, not because they are presenting themselves to be looked at, but because they are not aware of any audience at all. 

Rebecca Sutton was grew up in Portland, Oregon and relocated to Brooklyn in 2011. She makes large-scale, mostly black and white watercolors depicting women in an environment of their own creation where they are free to act on their animalistic impulses. Her work incorporates vernacular objects taken out of context in order to highlight their strangeness.